Onedrive for Business – Sharing Files with External Users

Onedrive for Business

The world of business has changed, and now the concept of remote working has begun to permeate its system more and more. This gives companies many benefits, such as increased productivity, collaboration efficiency, speed of information, and much more. The main tools that are being used for this type of work are cloud storage. As a result, they have optimized and improved how businesses work online. Today we will talk about the OneDrive solution, its benefits, and how to use it to share files with external users.

The main advantages of OneDrive

OneDrive is an online document storage and sharing platform that allows you to share documents internally and with users outside the company. You can get started with OneDrive by creating the necessary number of folders and uploading your files there. Then, all that data can be accessed from any device and location. Below we will highlight the main advantages of OneDrive:

  • Accessibility

Authorized users can access the content at any time, as OneDrive provides you with 99.97% uptime. In addition, Microsoft has failover and failover features in its data centers so that even if there is an emergency and one data center goes down, another will be instantly connected.

  • Flexibility of use

OneDrive data centers are localized worldwide, meaning users can access them from anywhere, making it easy for you to interact with international partners. In addition, you can make changes to files offline, and with an internet connection, everything will automatically sync up.

  • Security

OneDrive space administrators can set up four access levels for their folders and files. This allows them to control who and how their content can be managed. They can also set expiration dates for links and have external access options.

  • Microsoft Integration

This is a very handy feature that makes life a lot easier for office workers. By connecting Office 365 and OneDrive, users can share files directly from Office 2016. This way, you don’t have to leave the space in which you work, and it will increase your efficiency and improve your collaboration ecosystem.

  • Extended sharing capabilities

Users can share data both internally and externally. However, when it comes to sharing data with external users, not everyone can figure out exactly how to do it. Below, we’ll provide a detailed guide on transferring data from OneDrive with external users.

How to share data from OneDrive with external users: simple steps

First, it’s worth noting that an ordinary OneDrive user won’t be able to do all the following steps; you need to be the space administrator for that. So, what you need to do is:

  • Log in to the app

Go to and then to the Microsoft website. Then log in with your account from Microsoft 365. Once logged in, go to the administrator section (you can only do this if you are a Microsoft 365 or SharePoint administrator), click on the application launcher, and then click on “Administrator.”

  • Click “Show All.”

After this action, the M365 administration list will open before you.

  • Go to the policy section

You will see a list of menus in front of you, where you need to select Shared Access. This will open up the SharePoint Administration Center, where you can manage your company’s share settings.

  • Move the slider

When a new page opens in front of you, you’ll see two sliders at the top under “content can be shared.” Move it to “all” or “new and existing guests.” We recommend using the second option as it is more private. Then click save, and you’re done.