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It’s quite possible to pick any kind of antivirus according to one’s taste. This includes budget, certain features, level of protection, etc. However, before a user buys any antivirus, it’s better to go through some reviews from reliable sources or results from the independent testing labs. They’ll verify or disprove your choice.

Today, we’ll learn more about an often neglected choice, PC Matic. It’s less well-known compared to giants like Avast or McAfee. Yet, it deserves your attention bringing a good set of antivirus tools. 

The peculiarities of whitelisting algorithm

Most of the antivirus programs you know detect viruses. It’s possible because the developer has a list of known viruses. The software also recognizes similar behavior patterns to detect zero-day threats that aren’t on the list yet.

Whitelisting, on the other hand, works completely the opposite way. PC Matic has a cloud-based list of trusted files. When the user tries to access the file this software doesn’t know, the file is blocked. The support team gets 24 hours to examine the file and define whether to whitelist it. It’s quite a unique approach to antivirus protection.

A general overview of the software

Any user can get PC Matic from the official website and install it in a few minutes. The program supports Windows and Android-running devices.

Using a 30-day money-back guarantee, a person can test all the available features and define if it suits his needs. While there is no free edition, the antivirus has a very affordable price tag. It gets even better when a user buys a lifetime subscription.

Pros and cons of buying PC Matic

Top 5 reasons to get PC Matic

  1. It’s a combo of an antivirus engine and a set of optimizing tools. Together they secure safe browsing and smooth PC performance. A user gets profound reports from the scans.
  2. Unlike the rest of antiviruses on the market, this program is based on whitelisting the known files/programs/apps, etc. It blocks the rest to prevent malware and other threats from getting to your device.
  3. PC Matic offers some unique features other antivirus programs don’t have. One of them is Fileless Script Block.
  4. This antivirus has RDP Port Controls that help the engine be more efficient.
  5. A user can install it on Windows and Android devices.

Disadvantages to consider

On the other hand, it’s important to stay objective and account for the weak sides of the software. For instance, this antivirus often detects legit apps as dangerous. Too many false positives make this program annoying sometimes. Mostly it happens because of the unique approach to detecting viruses.

Another drawback is the lack of recent test results from independent testing labs. This fact makes many users question the program’s legitimacy and reliability.

Finally, the program impacts the system performance more than any other average antivirus. In combination with a bit confusing interface, the software is often neglected. Probably the developers should take that into account and improve the users’ experience.

The verdict

While the algorithm is unusual, it needs some improvement first. The abundance of false positives makes it clear. Yet, it’s an interesting option for some average users who prefer to be safe than sorry.

The antivirus comes with a few extra features that include Ad-Block and automated PC maintenance. They aim to deliver more protection and better performance.